This is a special section because for everything there is a plan, a blueprint, its mission statement & mode of delivery.

Then, of course, people will like, dislike, approve, disapprove, praise, criticise, use, discard: these are functions of life

What matters is what was clear to your mind and how you performed to fulfil it with the skills or resources you had

or the help and assistance you could get.

For that, we believe there is a pathway to every such planning and considering it today from the point of view

of education, we say it’s even more important for educationists as what they implement will have a direct impact

on users.

We refer here to our pathway for distance learning.

This statement puts it as clearly: We understand and accept that people are unique and have different strengths and limitations.  You are very likely to be self-motivated, but do you prefer to learn independently at your own pace or would you be better off with a more structured classroom environment?  We are highly flexible with the mode of delivery. Where possible, we will allow you to enrol for distance learning directly with us or you will enrol onto one of our courses through our Approved Learning Centre.