The damage is even more serious now that the only students who submitted it are precisely those who have neither the academic intelligence nor the faithful memory or spelling that would allow them to succeed.

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It’s almost a challenge, as we see, to claim a public interest so diverse, without serving provided the mass of our workers who constitute the core of four to five thousand faithful who are at once our support and strength. a) Our Newsletters regionauxsont provided in principle as requiring the initiation and work at the base, which would relieve much of The Educator, Recent issues received give us hope that this solution will no doubt valid, provided that these Newsletters regionauxse first concern of this function initiation and work, without claim to increase disproportionately, as did the Parisian Bulletin, wanting to compete National Educator. And also a condition that we must consider as formal and inescapable.

The need for Groups and Newsletters to work as part of the Modern School, under the direction of ICEM If this total freedom that is ours might us drag crumbling none of us can contemplate. We even surprised the issue has arisen and we are in the need to make such recommendations which seem to all natural and intransgressible. We can if necessary develop the common area that could become our national life under ICEM.

B) Our Chronicle ICEM for all workers and served as members of AC and DC, could be developed Lin to become true body of work, served to workers. c) There remains work nationally, distributed to date between The Educator, Life Skills, and Bulletin of the MEA. There would be several specific solutions :: 1 Ideally block all subscriptions for one journal to be published every month and aimed at the same time users of our techniques, psychologists and Life Skills philosophers and researchers of Modernization of Education.

Only she will be the juxtaposition of the taste of everyone, including the mass of our primary customers? 2. Or, if we fear these reactions: a) a Educateurmensuel, rich and well presented b) Technical review Viecouplee with the Modernization of Education, to be published every two months as at present. Think and give your point of view, these new formulas to be decided until after Easter to September. B.T. AND SUPPLEMENTS B.T.

We made this year almost breakthroughs. The presentation of our B.T. is just about perfect, given our subscription rates. We have now lots of B.T.d’avance, which allows us to: – special treat illustration; – out regularly, taking into account the necessary diversity of topics.

Are ready to go out – Annecy. – the Pyrenees (I and II). – The Massif Central (I and II). – Gill Veurey (II). – The Crickets (I and II). – The fragrances of Grasse. – A farm in the region of Bray. – The Samian pottery (I and II). Are being prepared (but very advanced work). – Exodus. – The Aquarium. – Jacob Children of Israel. – Lacq. – The Stationery. – The Grand Canal d’Alsace.

A number of projects are not mature and we regret especially for the comrades who are devoted to it: it is often the excellent illustrations that your homework help
are missing and we hardly manage to procure: – Kimon, Athens child. – Rome, Eternal City. We ask various Committees to prepare or suggest B.T. which they should take place in our collection. We will study all this closely after Easter.

Our B.T. collection, with its 488 numbers, is the richest Encyclopedia School Illustreeexistant to date, not only in France but in the world. It is widely appreciated, it was officially recommended for C.E.G. and observing classes. We just see the presentation as binder intended the mass of schools that could be used as permanent working tools. The number of subscribers rises slowly, but we should do much better.

As against the sale by retail collection is constantly improving, and we had to take our technical provisions for the reissue of depleted numbers. This success is certainly confirm in the months and years to come, which will then allow us to other initiatives. The SUPPLEMENTS B.T. know the benefit of our members. The collection is now sufficiently plentiful to meet at least part of our needs.

The Committees will make their proposals for the coming year. The NEWS B.T. seem satisfactory. GERBE CHILD. After some trial and error at the beginning of the year, we achieved a formula that is satisfactory: 24 pages of text to serve enfantspouvant readings kind Enfantines, and 16 pages of news Gerbe, with the most original texts collected in recent editions of our school newspaper.

All schools should be subscribed. We will campaign for this year-end. We say in this connection that in order to release the shelves of our deposit, we will be obliged to sell to the wastepaper our large stock of Infantile and BENP.La heavy heart, because they are documents that we will not be producing the equivalent Unfortunately the sale is void. Groups themselves do not want. We make a last call before destruction.

Our current issue of The Gerbeet our B.E.M.tacheront replace this issue in a more commercial formula. COMMISSION KNOWLEDGE OF THE CHILD. Our latest Genesis has interested many readers. We used documents for Genesis of Genesis Animauxet a Fleurs.Les of maternal and infant schools in particular, are requested to send us all libresaxes drawings on these two themes.

One can trace the drawings particularly successful are sometimes scattered throughout the book. We will send a drawing to ream of paper for our employees. TESTING-TESTING. We will leave it to the specialists to study the psychological tests or behavior which we have ourselves very accidentally use.

We will be in against very interested in the research papers on the use of tests for exams. It is said that with the reform, C.E.P.E. will disappear, which is not yet certain. Until this examination is one of the plagues of our teaching; I also believe that it is so at all levels. The C.E.P.E. has not changed shape for fifty years.

It almost exclusively measures the knowledge and memory, and spelling it takes an overly playoff spot. The damage is even more serious now that the only students who submitted it are precisely those who have neither the academic intelligence nor the faithful memory or spelling that would allow them to succeed. And yet, we really do not know what to do for a child today who at 14 years is not C.E.P.E. required for learning centers.

But we could modernize the C.E.P.E., and we will use it in the A.M.E .. Belgian examinations will guide our work. It would then appealed to test batteries, corrected with a grid and that would allow those 51% of correct answers have green light for future studies. SHEETS GUIDES.

The staff of child labor, history, geography, science especially for conferences also assumes a share of the important master for finding documents, observation, and presentation in the work plan. We know that many teachers who prepare themselves particularly suitable sheets guide the students’ work and the possibilities of our classes. But we could make our job easier and improve performance if we were together, cooperatively, the basic work.

The problem is not new, and could be found in the collection of The Educateurdepuis 25 stages of this ripening. But today we could and should go to completion, editing can be done as part of our S.B.T. a) This edition has already started with our “additional cards” now attached to each of our B.T. Do you think that we will realize and edit without delay similar sheets guide for all our B.T.?

The work is already underway. It could be conducted smoothly. b) Science Sheets guide. – This is the discipline that we would be most useful: observations, measurements, experiments to guides, etc …